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Commission a Pencil Portrait

Tell me about your requests for your portrait by submitting the form below or simply send your photo and an e-mail with your requests to

Please fully complete the form below to commission a standard portrait. If you want a portrait using one of the hand drawn creative backgrounds please click here to go to the creative background commission form.

You may e-mail your photo to, once your commission form is submitted. If you choose to mail your photo, I will send the address to you as soon as your form is received. For help in picking your photo and hints on face size and resolution please see the page, choosing your photo. Matting and framing are not included.

See payment policy and accepted payment types. Buy a Gift Certificate

Shipping, handling, and insurance to the continental United States only are included in the prices listed on the form. If you live outside the continental US please contact me for a shipping estimate.

Thank you!

Your Privacy Will Be Respected.
Your personal information is only used by for contacting you about your request.
Your information will never be shared

* Indicates required field

Your Contact Information:

*Name: *E-mail: *Country:
*Address: *City: *State: *Zip:
* Home Phone: Cell Phone: Preferred Contact Time: Day Evening

Pencil Portrait Subject:

The prices listed apply to portraits of people and pets only.
Vehicles, buildings, or other inanimate objects incur an additional fee of $45.00. Because of the detail involved in these objects, they often take 5-6 hours longer to complete. Thank you.

How will you send you photo(s)? E-Mail Postal Mail

Pencil Portrait Paper Size and Number of Figures:

Please select your paper size for your portrait, and then choose the number of figures from the corresponding drop down menu. Please choose only one size. If you wish to order more than one portrait, please submit this commission form once for each portrait.



Background for your Portrait:

Check to Add Just Text: (Add text like a name, date, or team number): $2.00 per character

Text to add to your portrait:


Add Personalized Text Insignia: (Hand drawn on any portrait, price includes text.)

Select Your Style ($49.00):


Butterfly Frame


Speech Bubble

Thought Bubble


Cat Print

Dog Print




Sheriff Badge

Where would you like the insignia on your portrait?
Bottom: Left Middle Right
Left Middle Right or Let the Artist Decide


Text to add to your insignia: (Please keep in mind some insignias have limited space.)


Discount Code:

Special Instructions:

(Please use this space to add more information if you need to.)

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