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Choosing Your Photo

Choosing the right photo for your pencil portrait is very important, since the quality and clarity will influence how your portrait turns out. Please choose a photo with lots of detail. That allows me to incorporate that detail and realism into your portrait. See two portraits next to the original photos below.


I know it can be a challenge, especially with group shots, to get the perfect picture. However, I can help you by taking people from several different pictures, and combining them into one beautiful pencil portrait. I can also adjust other elements, such as the background, clothes, hair, teeth, etc. Please let me know about your special requests.


How to choose the best picture for your pencil portrait:


1. Choose a color or black and white photo where the face size is at least 3.5"x 3.5", and in focus.


2. If possible, never choose a faded, blurry, or grainy photo. (I understand with some older photos these factors may be an unavoidable issue, especially if it is the only photo of a person, pet, or object available. I can work with you under these circumstances, and try to create a portrait. Keep in mind however, that I may only be able to draw a small size portrait, and it may not have as much detail because of the quality of the photo.)


3. Choose a photo that is correctly exposed and has good contrast. Do not choose a photo where the subject is "whited out" by the flash. Pictures taken in natural light with good contrast tend to work best.


4. If in digital format, such as JPEG, your photo still needs to be of sufficient size and resolution. Please scan at at least 150 pixels per inch, and ensure the JPEG quality is high to prevent blurriness or stray pixels.


5. Photos of nudity or violence, and copyrighted photos will not be accepted. Refusing a portrait on the basis of the photo is left up solely to the discretion of the artist, Nicole I. Hamilton.


Photos can be sent by e-mail or postal mail. Sending by e-mail greatly expedites the process, however if you wish to send a photo by mail, I will provide you with the address. If sending by postal mail, please only send copies of photos, not the original. All pictures will be sent back with your pencil portrait.


Here are two pencil portraits next to their original photos:

If you have a photo you would like me to look at and tell you if it will work for a pencil portrait, please send the photo and a brief message to me at
I will be happy to give you a free consultation.


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