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Star Wars Art Gallery

After organizing some of the pencil art I have created over the years, I realized a good portion of it was based on characters from Star Wars. I hope fellow fans will enjoy seeing these. Some of the graphite pencil portraits shown here are available with a larger view in the Celebrity Pencil Art Gallery.


Pictures are arranged from earliest to most recent and color images follow the graphite. Place your mouse pointer over the pictures for more information about them.

Done in 1999, with mechanal Pencil. A still unfinished Luke Skywalker is sketched in the background. Drawn with mechanical pencil in 1999. An unfinished Darth Vader sketch. Year 2000?
This drawing was used as a basis for the digital painting seen below and in the digital paintings gallery. Year 2001 Composite of 3 different pictures. 2002 Composite of 3 different pictures. 2002 Drawn with mehcanical pencil for a friend. 2003
I also did this one in a color version. 2003 Created with several different pencils, including a black layout pencil. 9X12 2005 My favorite pose of Anakin and Padme. This took several hours to complete. 18X24 2005 Sketched with 2B pencil then shaded. 9X12 2005
It was fun adding lots fo detail to her eyes. 9X12 2006 An early color attempt. I have improved! 2000 Another early colored pencil drawing. 2000 Color version of a graphite sketch. 2003
Created with colored pencil. I used chalk for the lightsaber effect. 11X14 2006 A work in progress. Padme is finished. Anakin will be in behind her, but he is only sketched in at the moment. 18X24 2006-? Digital painting that was created from the sketch. 2005

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