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Frequently Asked Questions

General Pencil Portraits Original Art and Photography Photo Restoration, Colorization, and Editing

General FAQ

Q: What type of payment do you take?

A: You may pay for your order with credit card or bank transfer through PayPal, or mail a money order, cash, or cashiers check. I prefer PayPal since this greatly expedites the ordering process. 50% of payment is due before work begins on your project, and the final 50% is paid once work on your project is completed to your satisfaction. Learn more about the payment policy.

Q: Why is there no address or phone number listed on your site?

A: Unfortunately, because of the increase in identity theft and scams, I had to remove that information from the site. Believe it or not, I have often received phone calls from India! As a result, I withhold that information until after your order is placed, then you will be able to contact me via phone and postal mail. is located in the USA.

You can always contact me by submitting the contact form or sending an e-mail to

Q: How do you figure your prices?

A: Prices are calculated based on materials used and time involved. Time is impacted greatly by the subject matter. Therefore, pencil portraits or photo editing projects with more subjects involved, cost more.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping and insurance is included in the cost of pencil portraits. Most photo editing projects do not require shipping because they can be sent via the internet. However, if you want the project mailed to you on CD, the cost is $7.99 for the CD and shipping.

Q: How soon can I expect my order?

A: Order time depends on work load and the amount of time your individual project will take. I always try to have a fast order turn around. Once you order, I can give you an estimate of the time to order completion. If you need your order by a specific date, I will do everything I can to work with you and get your order finished in a timely manner. Please order early though, if at all possible.

Q: I am from outside the USA, can I still order?

A: Yes! I am happy to work with anyone from outside the USA. If you are interested in a pencil portrait, please contact me about shipping rates. Most photo editing projects do not require shipping because they can be sent via the internet.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: has been helping customers since 2005.

Q: If I mail you a photo for a portrait or photo editing project, will I get it back?

A: Yes. All materials will be returned to you with your finished project. I always suggest mailing a copy of the photo so that there is no risk of the original getting lost in the mail.

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