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"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk."
- Paul Klee
"I have learned that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is, sheer miracle."
- Frederick Franck
"One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil."
- Balthus

Welcome to Pencils and Pixels!
Pencil Art Section

Pencil Art Section: Fine art and portraiture by Nicole I. Hamilton. Commission realistic graphite pencil portraits from your photos and buy prints of original works of pencil art.

Pixel Art Section: Order digital photo restoration, colorization, or digital photo effects, from your photos, and buy prints of the artist's digital photography.

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Pencil Portraits From Photos | Original Art Work | Featured FAQ

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Pencil Portraits From Your Photos

Commission a hand drawn realistic graphite pencil portrait from your favorite photo by artist Nicole I. Hamilton. She specializes in creating detailed, photo-realistic portraits of people, pets, buildings, and vehicles. Pencil portraits can be commissioned in a variety of sizes, have text (such as name or date) drawn in, and choice of background. Special requests are welcome!

A graphite pencil portrait is a unique and treasured gift perfect for any occasion, or to commemorate any special event. Visit the pencil portraits galleries to see Nicole's portfolio of realistic graphite drawings.

Hand drawn Grahite Pencil Portraits from Photo. "I do not simply copy your photo. I am happy to incorporate any changes you want that will improve your portrait. Whether it is teeth whitening, hair styling, or changing the background, my goal is to create a beautiful, realistic pencil portrait that you and your family will treasure. Can't get the family together? No problem! I can draw one pencil portrait taking people from 2 or more different photos." - Nicole I. Hamilton

Nicole I. Hamilton offers you:

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Recently Completed Pencil Portrait

Popular Pencil Portrait

Original Art Work

Nicole is currently building her portfolio of original art works. She works primarily with graphite and pastel chalk pencils, and uses those mediums to render many different subjects.

Prints of her original works are offered for sale from Fine Art America and Red Bubble. These companies offer many different printing materials and several matting and framing options. See a comparison chart to pick the one that offers the print options you desire.

View Original Art Work FAQ.

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Featured Frequently Asked Questions

Read all the Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you digitally edit the photos of your pencil drawings on this site to make them look better?

A: NO! I would never digitally edit pictures of my drawings. My desire is to have the pictures of my drawings on this site look as close to the originals as possible . . . Read the Full Answer

Q: What type of payment do you take?

A: You may pay for your order with credit card or bank transfer through PayPal, or mail a money order . . . Read the Full Answer

Q: My picture is small, can you still draw from it?

A: It will depend on the quality of the photo . . . Read the Full Answer

Excerpts From the Artists Blog

Visit the blog

Customizing Portraits
"Pencil portraits from photos make great gifts, but let's face it, not every photo is perfect." Read More

Gift Certificates Are Now Available!
"Now you can purchase gift certificates for any pencil portrait or photo editing service." Read More

New Art and Photography
"I recently posted a new portrait commission and some photos." Read More

At the drawing desk . . .
"Whew! It has been a busy couple of weeks. I completed 2 pencil portrait commissions." Read More

Celebrity Pencil Art

I draw Celebrity Pencil Portraits for fun, and to try out new techniques with graphite pencils. I hope you will enjoy looking at all my celebrity art. However, please respect my copyrights, and those of the peoples' whose likeness is represented. Please do not copy or remove these images. (If you decide to remove any images, they can be easily tracked.)

If you would like to display one of my Celebrity Pencil Portraits on your web site, please contact me.

Recently Completed Celebrity Art

Popular Celebrity Art

Celebrity Art Vote
Pick The Celebrity I Draw Next!
Jennifer Anniston
Matt Damon
Julia Roberts
James Dean
Grace Kelly
Humphrey Bogart

Have some fun! Help me pick the next celebrity to draw. Please choose and submit one celebrity at the left. The celebrity that gets the most votes will be drawn and the finished pencil portrait will be featured here, on the home page.

The last winner was Audrey Hepburn

See previous celebrity vote portraits:

Nicole Kidman
Sean Connery
Halle Berry
Harrison Ford - Uploading Soon!
Audrey Hepburn - Just Chosen!


Thanks for Voting!


A small sample of Nicole's original work.

Click to view more and purchase art prints from her Fine Art America gallery.


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Legal: All content and original works are © 2011 Nicole I. Hamilton.
All characters/people whose likeness is represented are trademark and copyright of their respective persons or companies.