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Eye Drawing Tutorial

Materials Used: Paper, Blending Stump, Rubber Eraser, Pen Eraser, Graphite Pencils - 2H, 2B, 6B, 8B

1. First, sketch the upper lid. I used a 2B pencil, but any pencil with a soft lead can be used for the initial sketch. 2. Add the lower lid and corner. This initial sketch does not need to be perfect, since it will be cleaned up later. 3. Add the lower lash line and the line marking the beginning of the corner. Now you have a basic eye shape.
4. Define the crease above the eye. 5. Add the outline of the eyeball. 6. Next, use a softer pencil (like 6B) to darken your sketch. Add the pupil, and outline the eye highlights.
7. Darken more with your 6B pencil and add eyelashes with a 2B pencil. 8. Darken the pupil with the 6B pencil. Then, take a hard 2H pencil and add lines to the cornea. Press hard enough to indent the paper. Those lines will add highlights when the cornea is shaded. 9. Continue to darken pupil, crease, and lash lines. Use a blending stump or tortillion to start shading. Shade the crease, cornea, lower lash line, and under the upper lash line in the white or the eye. Avoid the highlights. Sketch in eyebrow with 2B pencil.
10. Continue to darken your shading and blend with the tortillion. Use 2B to darken the crease, lash lines, and lashes. 11. Darken the pupil even more with an 8B pencil. Also use it to add darkness to the outer line of the cornea and crease. 12. Darken the cornea more, adding some slightly darker lines within it. Shade more above and below lash lines.
13. Continue to darken cornea. Add more shading to brow, crease, and lower lash line.
14. Complete the eye by darkening the top of the cornea and pick out some lighter lines with a pen eraser. Use a rubber eraser to clean up the highlights on the eyeball, within the cornea, and on the white of the eye.


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